The document has been prepared by the Working Group that the Ministry of Business and Knowledge promoted in November last year with the local world and economic agents with the aim of optimising the terms of granting permits, licenses and authorizations to carry out certain economic activities and alleviate the effects of the administrative shutdown decreed during the state of alarm last year, which aggravated the delay of these procedures.

  • The Action Plan, coordinated by the Office of Business Management, identifies the procedures with the highest incidence on economic activity and with a longer processing time and proposes organizational, technological, legal and communicative actions to reduce the deadlines.
  • The actions will focus on improving the services offered by the administrations involved and optimizing the processing circuits of files.
  • The first phase of the plan will be executed before 30 June, which will be completed on 20 December.
  • Currently, there are more than 120 administrative procedures that require authorization, license or mandatory report, some of a sectoral nature and others of a transversal nature, such as urban planning or water waste.