• It is the first time that a license has been granted within the lubricants category in Catalonia.
  • The EU Ecolabel awards in Catalonia are 69 in total, of which almost half belong to the set of cleaning product categories; such as dishwashers, laundry detergents, dishwasher detergents and cleaning products for hard surfaces, among others.
    This eco-label is a voluntary eco-labelling system, created by the European Union, which promotes the commercialization of products and services that are respectful with the environment.
  • Among these new grants, it is necessary to highlight the first license within the lubricants category in Catalonia, to the Dilube company, specifically to three hydraulic lubricants which, in turn, will each be commercialized in three different formats. These lubricants meet a series of very strict criteria to use products with limited impact on the aquatic environment and limit the amount of hazardous substances, maintaining a performance equal to or greater than that of a conventional lubricant.
  • The EU Ecolabel has also awarded four cleaning products for a professional use from the Detergentes Institucionales del Vallès Company, two dishwashers for industrial and institutional use from the Proeco Químicas Company, and a basin foam from the Suministros Científicos Técnicos Company. In addition, Comercial Química Massó has renewed its requests for hand dishwashing detergents and hard surface cleaning products.