Minister Tremosa:

The Minister of Business and Knowledge Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Ramon Tremosa, stated this morning at the conclusion of the "Barcelona reAct" conference that "European funds cannot go to current expenditure but to reconvert industry and gain new ones". 

In this sense, the minister assured that "now is not the time to spend money to buy electric chargers, this has to be done by public spending, but to reconvert the industry and to gain new ones, such as battery plants".

The Head of Business and Knowledge department regretted that "the Spanish state, which has been an automotive powerhouse when cars were gasoline-powered, still has no firm commitment to battery plants" and therefore "we must hurry, since there are more than 10 European countries that have commitments and here we are still waiting for this investment”.

Ramon Tremosa reiterated that the Government wants "more involvement and participation" in European funds, and in this sense he recalled that "although we have not been asked, we have done the work of identification and channeling of projects" to opt for the Next Generation EU, with the help of experts and economic, social and local agents.

Minister Tremosa stated that "the Catalan growth model has undergone a spectacular change in recent years; most of the Catalan growth has been international, through exports and attracting international investment" and the European funds are "a fantastic opportunity to make more and better opening of the Catalan economy and this government hopes to take advantage of it".  "In the worst crisis of the last 89 years, Europe has shown its best face," he stressed.

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