President Aragonès:

The president of the Catalan Government (Generalitat), Pere Aragonès, has emphasized tonight during his investiture that "today we begin a new era. A new Catalan Government begins to walk, the one of this legislature, which must be nonconformist, innovative, transformative, imaginative, creative, republican”.

In the same vein, the head of the Executive stressed that "we need to clear the way, being aware that the one who opens the way is usually the one who gets the dirtiest. But it is time to roll up our sleeves without fear of scratches”. And he noted that "it is time to roll up our sleeves every day like no one else, to overcome the potholes that hinder the road and recover, once again, the width that allows everyone to move towards the prosperous, fair, green, feminist and fully free Catalonia that we want to be”.

Pere Aragonès began his speech by betting on "a just, prosperous, green, feminist and fully free Catalonia". And reaffirming the commitment he made last Friday in Parliament, during his investiture, to "make amnesty and self-determination inevitable" and to "promote the social, ecological, feminist and democratic transformation that Catalonia needs". "Without forgetting anyone, without excluding anyone, without leaving anyone behind", he added.

In this sense, the president expressed his willingness to begin today to exercise this commitment "with humility, empathy and determination. Listening to everyone, working for everyone and with an unwavering vocation for transformation and the future, as is the duty of the first public servant”.

President Aragonès advised that "the challenge we are facing is enormous" and "we are perfectly aware of the difficulties that we must overcome, starting with a social and economic crisis that is suffocating us, that puts the cohesion of the country at risk and that accentuates the inequalities that divide society". And he added that "this is what we have to strengthen so that the whole country moves towards full freedom".

Faced with these challenges, the head of the Government appealed to "move forward again, advancing social rights and strengthening the welfare state. That which serves all citizens, that which brings us cohesion". A progress, he said, that "we all know that must lead to a republic at the service of its people”.

During his speech, the Chief Executive had a few words for his predecessor, President Quim Torra, whom he thanked for "his dedication to the country during some extremely difficult years, in which he had to face the challenge of recovering the Catalan institutions, after the 155", already a pandemic "unprecedented in the history of humanity". And that "He ended up suffering an unjust disqualification".


Act of taking possession

The ceremony was held this evening in the Patio of the Orange Trees of the Palau de la Generalitat, in front of about forty attendees, including the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs; President Quim Torra; the president of Esquerra Republicana, Oriol Junqueras; the secretary general of Junts per Catalunya, Jordi Sánchez; the president of Òmnium, Jordi Cuixart; representatives of the parliamentary groups, and the Major of Barcelona, Ada Colau.

The head of the Government arrived at the Palau de la Generalitat, accompanied by his wife, Janina Juli, and his daughter, Claudia. In front of the entrance of the Palau, he left a carnation on the Stolpersteine paving stone that was installed on October 15, 2020, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the execution of President Lluís Companys.

Then, Pere Aragonès entered the building, where he reviewed the gala formation of the Mossos d'Esquadra corps, which on this occasion did not carry long weapons. Then, in the Courtyard of Carriages, he held a meeting with a representation of public servants who have been at the forefront of the fight against the pandemic, and who have also attended the event as public. With this meeting, the President wanted to pay tribute and recognize the work done by different groups of public servants, especially in the most difficult moments of the pandemic.

Afterwards The President went to the Patio of the Orange Trees, where he paid tribute to the presidents Francesc Macià and Lluís Companys, in front of their busts, creation of the sculptor Josep Maria Subirachs.

The inauguration ceremony began with the reading of the decree of appointment by the President of the Parliament. Then, Pere Aragonès has promised the position. Then, President Torra has imposed the medal to President Aragonès, who has pronounced a few words. At the end, Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià, on the double bass, have interpreted the National Anthem of Catalonia. The ceremony also included a performance by the group Ginestà, who interpreted the song Estimar-te com la terra.



President Aragonès in a moment of the possession

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Gala formation of Mossos d'Esquadra (Catalan police)

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Act of taking possession

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Musical performance

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Decree reading

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Medal Imposition

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Greetings to public servants

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