• Within the schedule of a territorial visit to the Ebre Lands, the head of the Executive headed the presentation of the Climate Resilience Center in Amposta.
 The president during his speech
The president during his speech

The president of the Catalan government, Pere Aragonès, has assured this morning that "the pardons are a partial, incomplete solution, they are not the solution to the general cause against the independentism". "Before this general cause, the proposal of the Government, the one that generates more consensus in Catalonia to overcome this situation, is the amnesty", he remarked.

The head of the Executive has also pointed out that with the decision announced today by the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, to grant partial pardon to political prisoners "a step is taken on the path of dialogue and negotiation that we will face with all the will to resolve the political conflict of background and to do so in a comprehensive manner".

The President has insisted that the proposal of the Catalan government in this negotiation will be "an amnesty law and the exercise of the right to self-determination with a referendum on the independence of Catalonia". "In this line of dialogue and negotiation they will find the Government with all the firmness, with all the determination and with all the commitment", he stressed, "but also with all the clarity".

The head of the Executive made these statements to the media in Amposta, where he led the presentation of the Climate Resilience Center, which was created to enhance the fight against climate emergency, based on research, technology and innovation.


Presentation of the Climate Resilience Center.

During his speech at the presentation ceremony, the Catalan President assured that "the environmental crisis does not wait and that we must act without delay or excuse", and confront it with projects such as the one presented today, based on "scientific knowledge, transfer and alliance between administrations, companies, social initiative, third sector and institutions of the territory".

For this reason, he celebrated the birth of a research center "with an international vocation" and with a "multidisciplinary and transversal vision", which fits perfectly with "the transforming ambition that the administrations must have during the next decade and the following ones".

The President was especially pleased that the project was born in the Ebre Lands, "a territory that has suffered the negative externalities of our energy system", which is one of those that hosts more energy production and, moreover, "one of those that is suffering more visually and clearly climate change. "The whole country in terms of climate resilience will be thought from the Ebro Lands and it is a very clear way of explaining that the country we want to build will be built by thinking and designing it from all the territories", he said. In this sense, he emphasized that "we have to bring initiatives that promote an economy of high added value throughout the country, which is what will allow equal opportunities".

The head of the Executive has insisted that the center is "a bet for the future", for its environmental commitment and for the economic dynamism that it will mean for the Ebro Lands, "creating about forty quality jobs". "We must take advantage of the exit of the crisis to build a more sustainable and resilient economy, capable of generating wealth and welfare throughout the territory". "We now have the opportunity and the tools," he remarked, citing the 2030 Agenda, the European Green Pact and the European reconstruction plan itself and the Next Generation funds.

In the afternoon, the president will travel to La Ràpita, where he will lead the meeting of the Consensus Table for the Ebro Delta.The seven town councils of the delta plain (Deltebre, San Jaime, San Carles de la Rápita, Amposta, Camarles, L'Ampolla and L'Aldea), and the two irrigation communities (Comunitat de Regants Sindicat Agrícola de l'Ebre and Comunitat General de Regants de Canal de la Dreta de l'Ebre) will participate.