The Government begins to draw up the Government Plan

A more social, green, feminist and democratic Catalonia. With these objectives as a basis, the Executive Council has entrusted the departments with the drafting of the Government Plan, which will include the most relevant actions during this legislature. This was announced by the spokesperson of the Government, Patricia Plaja, during the appearance after the weekly meeting of the Executive, where she added that it is necessary to move towards to a resolution of the political conflict with the Spanish State, "to make Catalonia an internationally recognized political subject".

"This is the double field of work that has always marked President Aragonès" explained Plaja. On the one hand, "to work to face the crises caused by the pandemic and lay the foundations for the recovery and the future country we want" and, at the same time, "to work to resolve the political conflict and move Catalonia towards the exercise of self-determination". In short, it is a plan that "must be based on the government program that President Aragonès detailed during the investiture debate", the spokeswoman stressed. She also informed that they Government is working with the objective of having this programmatic document before the end of September.

Specifically, the priority pillars to achieve the objectives are: For a fair country, with good governance and democratic reference in the world; For a country of rights, equal opportunities and welfare; For a country based on a knowledge, digital and entrepreneurial economy; For a green, balanced and connected country; and For a feminist country based on the guarantee of human rights.

A further step forward with the Next Generation EU funds

To advance in the design of the administrative architecture to manage the resources that will come from the Next Generation EU funds, the Executive Council has approved the creation of two coordination bodies for these funds: the Interdepartmental Government Commission for the Economic Recovery and Governance of the Next Generation EU Funds; and the Technical Commission for the Economic Recovery and Governance of the Next Generation EU Funds. "The Government has its homework done", the spokesperson stressed, with 27 flagship projects selected, and a new step has been taken today with the creation of these new bodies.

The Interdepartmental Commission, chaired by the President of the Catalan Government and vice-chaired by the Minister of Economy and Finance, will plan and monitor the projects to be carried out with these funds. The first meeting will be held next week. On the other hand, the Technical Commission, integrated by representatives of all the departments, will be in charge of identifying the projects susceptible of receiving the funds and coordinating their acquisition.

The text approved today also foresees the creation, in the next three months, of a commission for the monitoring and evaluation of the projects financed. It will be made up of representatives of the Catalan Government, the Social Dialogue Council of Catalonia and local governments, which will participate in the governance of the Next Generation EU.

International Catalonia Award

The Executive Council meeting also announced the winners of the 32nd International Catalonia Award, which this year were to four women: Dania El Mazloum, Anxhela Gradec, Tijana Postic, Özlem Türeci, for their "essential contribution in the fight against the coronavirus", the spokeswoman stressed. In this regard, she explained that "taking into account the decisive role that women have played as essential workers in Europe in the fight against Covid-19, the jury wanted to honor a platform of candidates who represent this courageous task and the winners represent various facets of the fight against the coronavirus".

Dr. El Mazloum has continued the work of her mother who emigrated to Venice from Syria and died treating patients; Dr. Gradec is an Albanian refugee who has confronted the coronavirus from a respiratory ward in a London hospital; Postic is a head nurse who arrived from Bosnia 25 years ago and who exemplarily organized the response of the nursing service in Igualada, the first outbreak of Covid-19 in Catalonia; and the German doctor and researcher of Turkish origin, Tureci, developed and distributed the RNA-based vaccine that has transformed the coronavirus treatment landscape.

The award is given annually to individuals who have made a decisive contribution to the development of cultural, scientific or human values.

Government agenda for the coming days

Finally, the spokesperson has informed about the Government's agenda for the next few days. Tomorrow, Wednesday, President Aragonés will meet with the Catalan Federation of Municipalities and the Catalan Association of Municipalities. In addition, together with the Minister of Foreign Action and Open Government, Victoria Alsina, will receive the consular corps.

Thursday the 15th the president is scheduled to meet with the Association of Municipalities for Independence and, together with the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, will meet with the heads of Covid-19 from the main Catalan hospitals and primary care. On the same day, the Vice President and Minister of Digital Policies and Territory, Jordi Puigneró, will deliver the blue flags in all Catalan ports that have applied, in a ceremony to be held at the Yacht Club of L'Ampolla.

Finally, on Friday the 16th the president will make a territorial visit to Alt Empordà focused on the fight against Covid-19 and post-pandemic recovery, and will also attend to the 60th anniversary of Òmnium Cultural in Elna.



Meeting of the Executive Board

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The spokesperson of the Government during the press conference

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