President Aragonès appeared at the Catalan Government House.
President Aragonès appeared at the Catalan Government House. Photo: Rubén Moreno

The president of the Catalan Government, Pere Aragonès, assured this midday that the negotiation table to be held tomorrow, Wednesday, at the Government of Catalonia headquarters  "must be government to government, as agreed, because it gives legitimacy to the negotiation process and, therefore, gives us the strength to go with the maximum ambition to defend our postulates, which are amnesty and self-determination".

In this sense, Pere Aragonès stressed that the Catalan delegation "must be a government delegation, because it is the way to represent the whole country" and noted that "at the Catalan side of the table sit the institutions of the country, not the parties, which have many spaces for participation and dialogue". He also emphasized that in this way "a clear message is given to those who from the international arena are looking at this negotiation process, which is not a negotiation between parties, but between Catalonia and its government and Spain and its government".

In an informative appearance in the Gothic Gallery of the Catalan Government Palace the head of the Executive warned that "I will not allow this historic opportunity to be lost", in which "for the first time a Spanish government admits the existence of the political conflict, comes to dialogue and negotiate". "We cannot damage the collective successes of the country", he reiterated.

President Aragonès explained that the Government of Catalonia has approved the agreement that designates the Catalan delegation of the negotiating table, which will be formed by the Minister of the Presidency, the Minister of Enterprise and Labor and the President. A delegation, he said, that "has the door open to be expanded with more members of the Government, as contemplated in the same agreement". The composition of the delegation, he insisted, "will be open to the members of the government that one of the parties of the coalition wants to designate. It was open yesterday, it is open today and it will continue to be open, but we can no longer wait. The defense of amnesty and the right to self-determination cannot wait", he concluded.

In this sense, the President emphasized that "it is not a question of names, nor of specific people, but of confidence in the agreements". "And the agreements are clear: that there is a negotiation between members of the Government and agreed within the Government", he added.

In this context, the President asked for "the utmost loyalty from everyone, not to a person of a party, but to the President of the Government of Catalonia as the highest institution, of the self-government of our country".



President Aragonès appeared at the Catalan Government House. Photo: Rubén Moreno

President Aragonès appeared at the Catalan Government House. Photo: Rubén Moreno 0.21 MB