Offering to Companys

The President of the Government of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, has denounced this morning that, 81 years after the execution of President Lluís Companys, "the institutions of self-government of Catalonia are still suffering attacks from those who want the Catalan nation to be unable to aspire to the maximum of freedom and social justice".

In this sense, the head of the Executive referred to yesterday's decision of the Court of Auditors, "guided by revenge and the will of repression", as the most recent example of this general cause against independence, which, "disregarding any legal criteria, and marked by political and ideological criteria, has decided to continue with the process of seizure of the assets of some thirty families, pursuing their economic ruin". "Today we see how the patrimony of some dozens of people is being attacked, simply for the fact of having been responsible for the same institution presided over by President Companys", remarked Aragonès.

The president made these statements from Montjuïc, where he led the traditional wreath at the tomb and monument of the former president of the Government of Catalonia, Lluís Companys, coinciding with the 81st anniversary of his execution by firing squad at the hands of Franco's dictatorship.

Pere Aragonès insisted that with the assassination of Companys "they tried to kill the institutions of the country" and "put an end to the historical continuity of the will of self-government and freedom of this people", but that, despite the attacks, "we continue and on the road to victory". "They tried it then and it has been continued. But the historical chain of institutional continuity, of the will of the country to achieve maximum freedom and social justice, endures", has defended the president.

For this reason, and before the new attack of the Court of Auditors, the head of the Executive has assured that it is "the moment of the maximum firmness": "It is the moment to fight this new attack with all the legal resources, with the maximum collective solidarity, but also with the maximum national ambition". And he claimed again the need for an "amnesty law that puts an end to all repression, the one that affects people linked to the external action of the Government of Catalonia, but also the rest of the repressed".

"The best tribute we can make to President Companys, President Macià and all those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country, is to achieve it", he reiterated.



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