Photo of the spokesperson during the press conference
The Executive has expressed its "concern" about the pandemic situation and will evaluate the extension of the use of the Covid certificate as a measure to avoid new closures and restrictions.

The Government promotes a law to regulate the property leasing contract to build a more stable, secure and equitable rental market

The Executive Council has also approved a new 112 service selection process that improves the salary and social clauses.

The Government "regrets" the decision taken by the militancy of the CUP to present an amendment to the totality to some "expansive, transforming budgets and, above all, that carry the seal of the CUP". This was explained by the spokesperson of the Government, Patrícia Plaja, during the press conference after the meeting of the Executive Council, where she was convinced that "Catalonia will have budgets" and recalled that "there is still time" to "continue talking" with the CUP party.

The spokesperson stressed that "it is in the country's interest to approve what we can call the budgets of transformation", a will to transform Catalonia that the Government "has already begun" and that is shared with the CUP. She recalled that to deploy this transformation "that is underway in its entirety, budgets are needed". In this sense, she stressed that these are the "most expansive budgets in Catalonia", with three out of four euros allocated to social policies, and that "they not only respond to the investiture agreement but also to the common transformation objectives shared with the CUP party".

Epidemiological situation
The Executive Council has analyzed the current epidemiological situation in Catalonia in which the data of recent weeks confirm that "the pandemic is not only still very present in Catalonia but is accelerating", said Plaja, who added that "the situation again marks us scenarios that can be complicated". The Government has been "concerned" about this situation and, for this reason, plans to carry out a daily and detailed monitoring of the evolution of the pandemic and, if in the coming days the cases continue to rise, "the extension of the use of the Covid certificate will be assessed as a measure to avoid further closures and restrictions". "This measure is not yet closed, at least not immediately", she reiterated.

Lease law for a more equitable rental market
In the weekly meeting, the Government has approved the preliminary report of the Preliminary Draft Law on property leases, a rule that will serve to regulate contracts with the aim of "building a more stable, secure and equitable rental market". said Plaja. The future law will incorporate other forms of housing leases, such as shared homes or room rentals, and also business leases, such as shared workspaces. Thus, Catalonia will have, for the first time, its own regulations for the leasing of property, an integrated and complete regulation of rentals and their main contractual modalities: from the rental of permanent housing to other existing forms.

According to the preliminary report, the supply of rental housing is scarce and it is necessary to reverse this situation with a regulation that avoids situations of abuse and guarantees the contractual balance of the parties. This is why the future regulation will protect the tenant without putting the landlord in a weak position.

Improvements for 112 personnel
In order to continue providing the 112 service, the Executive Council has authorized the contracting of the service for the handling and management of emergency calls for the period from April 2022 to March 2024. The new contract, which amounts to 18.6 million, incorporates improvements in the social and salary clauses. Among others, it includes an increase in the emergency and command salary complements, frozen since July 2010, which will mean a salary increase of 9% on average. The tender also includes the provision of psychosocial support to call answering staff, given the difficulty of the characteristics of their work, as well as a penalty clause in the company providing the service in case of delay in the payment of payroll.

In this regard, the draft budget for 2022 includes an increase of 2.17 million euros (+33.8%) in the 112 call answering service contract. Parallel to the renewal of this contract and the salary improvement, a commission to study the internalization of the 112 service will be initiated, which will be open to the works council and workers' representatives.



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Photo of the Government Meeting

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Photo of the Government Meeting

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Photo of the spokesperson during the press conference

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