• The head of the Executive celebrates the agreement reached with the parliamentary group “Catalunya en Comú Podem” that "will allow us to have the tools we need to face the Covid-19 crisis".
President Aragonès during his appearance
The President of the Government of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, has celebrated this midday the agreement reached between the Government and the parliamentary group “Catalunya en Comú Podem” to approve the accounts for 2022. "Catalonia needed a budget and will have it on January 1: we make a great leap forward for the benefit of citizens", said Aragonès, who insisted: "We needed tools to deal with the Covid-19 crisis and with this budget we have them". "We offer the country an ambitious budget, capable of addressing the needs and urgencies of the moment, while at the same time transforming, allowing us to begin to design the Catalonia we want for the next 10 or 20 years", he added.

The head of the Executive, who has appeared to the media to report on the agreement reached to move forward the accounts, explained that the new budget will allow "to have the resources to revive the economy in a transformative key; to address the change of production model; to be next to the workers, companies and entrepreneurs, workers in public services and essential services". And he added: "It is a good budget, which allocates 3 out of every 4 euros to strengthen the welfare state, and that recovers the investment pulse of the Government of Catalonia".

Pere Aragonès assured that "the government I preside over is the result of a commitment to the promotion of a social, green, feminist and democratic transformation, and this transformation does not admit extensions, it does not admit a budget extension and, therefore, we needed a budget and we have it: objective achieved", he remarked.

And he continued: "with today's agreement we have an essential tool to fulfill the commitments we made; a social transformation capable of generating welfare and prosperity for all; a green transformation that reinforces the fight against climate change; a feminist transformation that eradicates all forms of violence and maleness against women, and a democratic transformation that involves addressing the resolution of the political conflict with the Spanish State based on the referendum and the end of repression and based on amnesty and self-determination".

The president also wanted to thank the parliamentary group “Catalunya en Comú Podem” "the willingness to reach an agreement with the aim of sharing and improving the lives of citizens". And he extended his thanks to the whole of the Government "and especially to Minister Giró, who has designed a transformative budget that undoubtedly contributes to the social and economic progress of the country".