President Aragonès during his visit to Enagás
President Aragonès during his visit to Enagás

The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès i Garcia, visited the Enagás regasification plant in Barcelona and its mooring dock, where he highlighted "the strategic nature of continental scope" of the company's facilities, the port of Barcelona and Catalonia, which are "the gateway to liquefied natural gas in southern Europe". Therefore, he stressed, "it is important that in the current context, in which there is a redefinition of energy strategies on the path towards the decarbonization of the economy, we are also support the strategic nature of these infrastructures," he explained.

During a media briefing after the visit, the chief executive defended the need to "increase its connections", and called for the MidCat pipeline to be extended to France, which would allow it to supply the European continent at a time when the dependence of the countries of Central and Northern Europe on Russian gas is becoming clear. Aragonès has made it clear that "it is absolutely essential that the European Commission supports the project" and has urged it to declare it a project of community interest that allows its financing, "in a context where it is absolutely necessary to diversify energy sources". "The connection through MidCat would allow the structuring of an energy corridor of renewable gases," he said. In this sense, the head of the Government stressed that Hostalric's prolongation towards El Pertús should have a global planning of the infrastructure, contemplating "that it can also incorporate in the future the distribution of green hydrogen".

Aragonès also certified the Government's goal of advancing "towards total decarbonization" and recalled that this week the Executive announced that it would allocate "20 million euros to increase the number of photovoltaic parks in buildings and infrastructures of public ownership, to promote the connection to the gas network of biogas plants, as well as to advance the generation of renewable energies with public energy. " he explained.  

The event was also attended by the president of Enagás, Antonio Llardén; the director of the Enagás plant in Barcelona, Enrique Carrión; the President of the Port of Barcelona, Damià Calvet, and the General Director of Energy, Assumpta Farran.

The Enagás regasification plant in Barcelona is the oldest in continental Europe, since it began operating in 1969. It is also the first European terminal in terms of liquefied natural gas storage and regasification. The Barcelona plant has six tanks with a storage capacity of 760,000 m³ of liquefied natural gas and can accommodate ships of up to 266,000 m³ of gas, the largest currently in existence.