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  • Minister Serret travels to Slovenia and meets with the Slovenian Justice Minister

Minister Serret travels to Slovenia and meets with the Slovenian Justice Minister

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Minister Serret travels to Slovenia and meets with the Slovenian Justice Minister

  1. Serret told Slovenian Justice Minister Dominika Svarc Pipan of the need to create a common framework for the defence of freedoms and human rights in the wake of the Pegasus case

This morning, the Minister for Foreign Action and European Union, Meritxell Serret i Aleu, began an institutional trip to Slovenia and Austria to strengthen ties with both countries.

On the first day of the trip to Ljubljana, Minister Serret met with the Slovenian Justice Minister, Dominika Svarc Pipan, to whom she explained the need to create a common framework in defence of freedoms and human rights in the wake of CatalanGate. For her part, the Slovenian Justice Minister expressed interest in the Government’s policies in the areas of democratic memory and prisoner reintegration.

Minister Svarc Pipan and Minister Serret also took part together in the round table on “The role of women in the democratisation of societies” in which, together with the women’s rights activist Sonja Lokar, they reviewed the gender policies promoted in Catalonia and Slovenia and reflected on the presence of women in decision-making and spaces of power. Serret and Svarc Pipan also shared their personal experiences as women on the frontline of politics.

An intensive day of meetings in Ljubljana

Apart from the meeting with Minister Svarc Pipan, Minister Serret also met with Matej Tasner Vatovec, President of the parliamentary group Levica, a political party that is a member of Slovenia’s current Government. Serret and Tasner Vatovec exchanged perspectives on how to make improvements in housing and social rights policies and agreed on the need to create progressive alliances in Europe to confront the rise of the far right around the world.

Slovenia’s first President, Milan Kucan, and the country’s former Foreign Minister, Ivo Vajgl, also met with Minister Serret. The meeting discussed the political situation in Catalonia and the evolution of the political conflict with the Spanish State.

Finally, Minister Serret met with the Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana, Bostjan Koritnik, with whom she discussed strategies on sustainable mobility and air quality.

Tomorrow, on the second day of her trip to Slovenia, Minister Serret will meet with the Director of the Jozef Stefan Institute, Bostjan Zalar, to talk about possible avenues of collaboration in artificial intelligence between Catalonia and Slovenia. The Jozef Stefan Institute is one of the world’s leading research centres in the field of artificial intelligence and Slovenia’s leading scientific research institute.

In Austria, for semiconductors and Catalan popular culture with Adifolk

Minister Serret will be in Austria from tomorrow afternoon until Friday, specifically in Carinthia, where she will meet with the President of the Carinthian Parliament, Reinhard Rohr, with Ministers of the executive and with the Mayor of Villach.

Serret will also visit the Infineon plant in Villach, Europe’s second largest microchip manufacturer, and Villach Technology Park.

The Minister will also hold a meeting with the Slovenian MEP Milan Brglez.

The Minister for Foreign Action and European Union will conclude her institutional trip to Austria on Friday by taking part in the opening ceremony of the 35th Adifolk Aplec Internacional. As part of this celebration, Serret will also open the exhibition “Catalonia meets Carinthia,” which will offer the people of Villach a window onto Catalan culture and society.

The Government Secretary for Foreign Action, Miquel Royo Vidal, and the Delegate of the Government of Catalonia to Central Europe, Krystyna Schreiber, will accompany Minister Serret throughout the trip to Slovenia and Austria.