The Espai Catalunya Europa of the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the European Union hosted the opening of the exhibition 'The Other Half of Urban Art: Women and Art in Public Space', which was attended by Berta Rigau, project manager of Rebobinart and curator of the exhibition; and Ignasi Centelles, delegate of the Government of Catalonia to the European Union.

The delegate, Ignasi Centelles, emphasised the vindictive nature of the exhibition, an exhibition that "specifically addresses the lack of representation of women in public spaces". Moreover, Centelles pointed to the fact that the works deal with it "not only from a gender perspective, but also from a perspective of diversity and culture as a means of inclusion".

The aim of 'The Other Half of Urban Art: Women and Art in Public Space' is, according to Berta Rigau, commissioner of the exhibition, "to create a space for vindication and recognition of the artistic talent of women creators". In this sense, she thanked the women who have participated in the whole process of creating the project, in all its phases. "Thank you for making this link between Catalonia and Belgium possible", she said.

The exhibition brings together new and different perspectives in two different environments: Catalonia and Brussels. Minuskula, Marina Capdevila, Irene López León, Amaia Arrazola, Mina Hamada, Kitsune, Céleste Gangolphe, Florianne Mandin and Amandine Lesay are art professionals who use public space to express their creative vision, contributing new styles, techniques and narratives, but above all redefining and opening up an important conversation about what urban art is in feminine form.

The exhibition is an initiative of Womart, a project of the cultural entity Rebobinart, which specialises in the development of urban art projects. L'altra meitat de l'art urbà' was created with the aim of making visible and recognising the artistic talent of women creators, promoting their presence in the field of urban art and encouraging their professionalism.