1. The project is expected to create over 400 direct and 100 indirect jobs

SEAT (Volkswagen Group) will invest 300 million euros in constructing a battery assembly plant in Martorell, Barcelona (Catalonia), which the company estimates will create 400 direct and 100 indirect jobs. Work will begin in the next few weeks and is scheduled for completion in 2025.

The government of the Generalitat considers SEAT's decision to build a battery cell assembly plant in Martorell, Barcelona, as "excellent news". The Minister of Business and Labour, Roger Torrent, stated that the investment "guarantees the company's future in Catalonia". It is a decision that "has been possible thanks to the joint work between SEAT and the government", said Torrent, who recalled that the company is a "strategic partner" of the executive.

According to the official statements of SEAT and CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths, "Today is a very important day because we are taking another step forward in our electrification plan. The plant will cover an area of 64,000 square meters, equivalent to about nine soccer fields". He also highlighted that "these facilities are fundamental for our company and also provide the impulse to obtain a second platform in Martorell, Barcelona". For Griffiths, "public-private cooperation is essential to accelerate the transformation, and in Spain, we have already taken some steps in the right direction".

SEAT's decision completes its commitment to the electrification of Martorell with the 'Future: Fast Forward' project.

The Minister reiterated, "This is very important news regarding the future and the transition to electric mobility". "Catalonia - he said - gathers most of the elements of the electric vehicle value chain: assembly, research and development, and the electric platform in Martorell, Barcelona".

Torrent has shown the will of the government to continue working with SEAT and the whole mobility sector: "In the 20th century, we were a reference in Southern Europe in the automotive sector, and we want to continue to be so in the 21st century".

SEAT is investing €10 billion, the largest industrial investment in Spain's history, to electrify the automotive industry, create thousands of jobs, and maintain the country's competitiveness.

For the CEO of SEAT, “this is a key moment for our industry. SEAT S.A. and the Volkswagen Group are committing significant resources to sustainable mobility. And to move forward in our ambition to make Spain a hub for European electric mobility”.

The planned global investment of more than 3,000 million euros clearly demonstrates the company's commitment to the future of Catalonia. This commitment is reinforced by the efforts of the Government of Catalonia to make the 'Future: Fast Forward' project in Catalonia, with direct support of 89 million euros until 2026.