The Government of Catalonia today approved a modification of the decree that regulates the network of delegations abroad, extending its institutional presence in three new countries: Greece, Libya and Egypt. In addition, the headquarters of the Delegation to Southern Africa are being moved from Pretoria to Johannesburg.

This change will ensure the Catalan Government has an institutional presence throughout the European Union and North Africa, which will help to reinforce its commitment to the Mediterranean as a natural sphere of action for Catalan foreign action. Thus, the Delegation to Southeastern Europe will now be represented in Greece; and the Delegation to North Africa will add Libya and Egypt to its scope of action.

Moreover, the text approved today by the Government changes the headquarters of the Delegation to Southern Africa. For strategic, institutional, demographic and economic reasons, these are being relocated from the South African capital, Pretoria, to Johannesburg, the country’s largest and most populous city. The Delegation also has institutional representation functions in Angola and Mozambique.

A further step in the deployment of delegations

This modification is a further step in the strategy of deploying the network of delegations being carried out by the Ministry for Foreign Action and European Union, which means that the Government now has institutional representation in over 70 countries.