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  • Catalan Government says "Catalonia has achieved a new record high for employment"

Catalan Government says "Catalonia has achieved a new record high for employment"

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Catalan Government says "Catalonia has achieved a new record high for employment"

  1. Catalonia remains a leader in terms of jobs, with 3,753,713 affiliations to Social Security, 103,185 more than a year ago, and an increase of 10,931 in July
  2. Registered unemployment stands at 331,356 people, 10,035 fewer than 12 months ago, after an increase of 1,612 people last month

The Secretary for Labour of the Ministry of Business and Labour, Enric Vinaixa i Bonet, said that the employment and unemployment figures for July are “good figures, similar to those for July last year, and enhanced by the record number of employed Social Security contributors.”

“Catalonia has posted a new record for employment for the fifth consecutive month, with an increase of 10,931 Social Security affiliations last month, taking the figure to 3,753,713,” said Vinaixa.

The Secretary for Labour attributed the “small rise in unemployment” in July, with an increase of 1,612 people, to the field of education (teaching and leisure), “but it was less marked last month than in July 2022,” he said.

There are currently 331,356 unemployed people in Catalonia, the lowest figure for July since 2008.

For all these reasons, the Secretary for Labour pointed out that “Catalonia currently has 103,185 more employed Social Security contributors, and 10,035 fewer unemployed people than a year ago”.

Finally, Vinaixa added that “there are always threats that may affect the labour market, such as interest rates at the moment, but we currently have no indicators to suggest that the levels of employment and unemployment cannot be maintained.”

Registered unemployment and employment figures for July 2023

Catalonia recorded an increase in registered unemployment of 1,612 people in July (0.5%), leaving the number of people registered as unemployed at 331,356. In year-on-year terms, registered unemployment in Catalonia fell by 10,035 people (-2.9%).

By sex, unemployment rose by 2,034 people among women (1.1%) and fell by 422 people among men (-0.3%), bringing the total number of unemployed people classified by sex to 192,207 women and 139,148 men. Compared to the previous year, unemployment declined among both women (-5,621 unemployed; -2.8%) and men (-4,414 unemployed; -3.1%).

By age group, the number of unemployed people under 25 years of age rose by 161 people (0.9%), bringing the total number of unemployed young people to 18,484. There was a year-on-year increase of 751 people (4.2%).

By sector, unemployment fell in the field of agriculture (-59 people; -1.1%) and “not previously employed” (-202 people; -0.8%). It also increased in industry (159 people; 0.4%), construction (246 people; 1%) and services (1,468 people; 0.6%). In year-on-year terms, unemployment fell in agriculture (-1,516 people; -22%), industry (-1,870 people; -4.6%), construction (-970 people; -3.6%) and services (-7,377 people; -3%), and rose amongst those not previously employed (1,698 people; 7.3%).

As for hiring, 244,850 employment contracts in workplaces located in Catalonia were signed in July, of which 42.8% were open-ended (104,865). The remaining 57.2% were temporary (139,985). Overall hiring fell by 2.4% (5,933 fewer contracts) compared with the previous month, in the wake of the decline in the number of open-ended contracts (-7.6%; down 8,595), as temporary hiring increased (1.9%; up 2,662).

Compared to July 2022, there was a 13.3% decline in hiring (down 37,639), which was more marked for open-ended contracts (-16.3%; down 20,361) than for temporary contracts (-11%; down 17,278).

You can download the press conference (video and audio) by the Secretary for Labour, Enric Vinaixa, via the following link.