The Government of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the cultural manager and curator, Le Département, is organising CONTEMPORÀNIA High Craftsmanship Barcelona, the first international trade fair dedicated to promoting high-quality craftsmanship and excellence in the sector, which will take place at the Palau de Pedralbes in Barcelona from 28 to 30 September.

More than 130 craft and creative professionals from all over the world will be presenting their ideas based on innovation and their artistic vision of contemporary craftsmanship, by means of various types of applied arts including ceramics, jewellery, lacquer painting, metal, textiles, glass, paper and wood.

They include 12 winners of renowned international art jewellery fairs, 23 craftsmen and craftswomen represented by 3 galleries, 33 artists from 5 collectives, and 26 professionals from 4 international craft institutions. A cultural council has made the selection, focusing on the significance and history of each artist, and based on the criterion that a work of craftsmanship is more than an object – it is an expression of humanity through art. With this in mind, the works on display at CONTEMPORÀNIA are grouped into three main areas.

In the first, the works are a reflection of everyday life in the mind of the artist, their identity, their feelings and their personal story. The second area is sustainable consciousness. Within the world of craftsmanship, sustainability has led to the creation of groundbreaking projects that use innovative materials and media to convey strong messages about issues including the climate emergency and social justice. The third area is linked to political craftsmanship, which can act as a tool to transform existing political and social conditions.

In parallel to this exhibition, more than 240 professionals will be participating in OFF CONTEMPORÀNIA, a circuit that will feature exhibitions in the Catalan capital’s leading galleries and art venues.

In addition, the Third Professional Crafts Congress, organised by the Consortium of Commerce, Crafts and Fashion (CCAM), will take place within CONTEMPORÀNIA on Friday 29 September, with the theme of “The world of luxury demands quality craftsmanship. Opinion leaders, markets and connectors.” In this third edition, the Congress will focus on the interactions between luxury and craftsmanship, in which respect for tradition, creativity and innovation are a common feature. The Congress will feature presentations by communication professionals and companies.

The CONTEMPORÀNIA trade fair is aimed at the general public, and admission is free of charge. The Third Professional Crafts Congress is aimed at craft professionals, admission is free of charge, and prior registration here is required.

The breakdown of the programme for both CONTEMPORÀNIA and the Third Professional Crafts Congress will be announced soon.