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  • Catalonia begins preparations to become World Region of Gastronomy in 2025
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Catalonia begins preparations to become World Region of Gastronomy in 2025

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Catalonia begins preparations to become World Region of Gastronomy in 2025

  1. The Catalan Government has drawn up a manifesto of support so that organisations, agents and individuals in the country working to promote food production, Catalan gastronomy and food and wine tourism can join in with the organisation of initiatives for this event

The Government of Catalonia kicks off the preparation of new initiatives which will be organised all over the country throughout the coming year, with a view to positioning Catalonia as a major international benchmark for food and wine tourism. Catalonia has been recognised as World Region of Gastronomy for 2025

The Government of Catalonia has drawn up a manifesto of support so that institutions, agents and individuals in the country who belong to the production, catering or food and wine tourism sectors can join the action plan for this event.

Minister Torrent stressed that with this award, “we are creating a new scenario of opportunities for the country, and positioning ourselves internationally as a leading food and wine destination, creating new economic opportunities in the country while including various sectors, ranging from the primary sector to the restaurant industry, by way of the food industry.” The Minister for Business and Labour declared that “becoming the World Region of Gastronomy reinforces our transformation towards a more sustainable, balanced and diversified tourism model, which we are promoting through the National Commitment for Responsible Tourism.”

Discussing the organisation of the event, the minister for Climate Action stressed that “we are currently starting the work to show the world that gastronomy and farming are two sides of the same coin” and he declared that “behind our kitchens that dazzle the world are farmers committed to environmental, economic and social sustainability.”

Catalonia was awarded the title of European Region of Gastronomy in 2016. On that occasion, more than 500 organisations, agents and individuals working to promote Catalan gastronomy held nearly 500 events related to the product, the cuisine and the territory, of varying size and nature.

The title of World Region of Gastronomy 2025 is recognition for Catalan food production, cuisine and Catalonia as a tourist destination, as well as the country’s culinary heritage linked to innovation and talent, which has made Catalonia the best place in the world to eat and drink. In the coming years, the country will have the opportunity to demonstrate that it has the food producers, chefs and an excellent tourism sector that have made this award possible, and that in Catalonia, food means culture.



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