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  • Governments of Catalonia and the Sarajevo Canton renew their collaboration until 2026

Governments of Catalonia and the Sarajevo Canton renew their collaboration until 2026

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Governments of Catalonia and the Sarajevo Canton renew their collaboration until 2026

  1. Minister Serret ended her trip to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, where she had meetings with political representatives, the university community, and the press
  2. Minister Serret met with the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, with whom she agreed to extend the cooperation agreement until 2026
  3. She also participated in the General Assembly of the MedCities network, focused on promoting the Mediterranean macroregion, held at the Sarajevo Town Hall

The trip to the Balkans by the Minister for Foreign Action and European Union, Meritxell Serret i Aleu, concluded today in the city of Sarajevo, following her visits to Zagreb and Dubrovnik. It has been three days of travel to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, accompanied by the Government of Catalonia’s delegate to Southeastern Europe, Eric Hauck, with a busy agenda that culminated in a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Sarajevo Canton, Nihad Uk

Prime Minister Uk expressed gratitude for Catalonia’s historical support for Sarajevo and Bosnian society, stating that, “We need to explore collaboration agreements that benefit both of our societies, in areas such as finance, tourism, and academia, with specific public policies.” Uk also spoke of the possibility of opening direct flight connections between Barcelona and Sarajevo: “I hope it will become a reality next year, because it is the first step for any relationship between two regions”.

Minister Serret also stressed the value of this option, stating that it “will further strengthen and promote the possibilities of mutual development through economic, academic, tourist, and cultural relations between our societies, always from the point of view of mutual benefit and shared prosperity”.

During the meeting, the two representatives expressed their willingness to continue working together to maintain the close ties of collaboration that are the fruit of a historic bond between Catalan and Bosnian society. They agreed to extend the collaboration agreement, prolonging the work plan until 2026, and to consolidate cooperation in common strategic sectors, including socio-economic development, universities and research, education, social rights, equality, feminism, and health.

Serret also took stock of her trip to Croatia as a whole, with stops in Zagreb and Dubrovnik, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with her visit to Sarajevo: “It has allowed us to corroborate and consolidate the good relations we have with these countries, with whom we share a European outlook and a Mediterranean identity”.



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