1. The Minister for Home Affairs held meetings over two days in the French capital with various officials from the French Ministry of the Interior, the National Assembly, and the Senate
  2. Elena highlighted the “significant interest” of the French government in the feminisation policies of the Catalan government

The Minister for Home Affairs, Joan Ignasi Elena i Garcia, undertook an institutional visit to Paris, where he held various meetings with representatives from the French Ministry of the Interior, the National Assembly, and the Senate, among others.

The purpose of the trip was to “share needs, concerns, information, and experiences with a neighbouring country with which we share the same risks”. “This collaboration, good understanding, ongoing dialogue, and constant contact is very positive,” the minister stated during a media briefing.

In this regard, Elena confirmed that “issues related to combating drug trafficking and also regarding the toughening of penalties for the commercialisation and production of marijuana” had been addressed, emphasising the increasingly close relationship between Catalonia and France in the area of policing. “We have discussed the advances in the legislative framework and the concerns and future intentions that France has in this area,” the minister stated.

In the various meetings held, the minister explained “the functioning of the police model in Catalonia and the commitment to feminisation within the force, which has aroused a lot of interest”.

Before the press conference, the minister visited the training facilities of the Institute of Advanced Studies of the Ministry of the Interior, accompanied by the Director of Risk Strategy and International Relations, Sylvain Renier, and the head of the International Promotion department of the Institute, Léa Durand.

Elena held various working meetings during the course of yesterday. In the morning, he met with the Director of International Security Cooperation of the French Ministry of the Interior, Sophie Hatt, with whom he discussed the relations between the French police and the Mossos d’Esquadra as well as feminisation policies within the security forces. Subsequently, he met with an official from the Judicial Police of the same Ministry, Christian Sainte.

Elena also met with members of both chambers of the French legislature. First, with the President of the Law Commission of the National Assembly, Sacha Houlié, and later with the Vice President of the Senate, Loïc Hervé.

Finally, the Minister for Home Affairs also held a meeting with the Secretary-General of the Interministerial Committee for the Prevention of Delinquency and Radicalisation, Etienne Apire, in which they shared strategies and best practices in the prevention of radicalisation.

Throughout the trip, Elena was accompanied by the Government Delegate to France, Eva Doya, the Director General of the Police, Pere Ferrer, and the Head of the Security and Cross-cutting Policy Office, Alba Alfageme.



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