1. The Catalan Government was in New York to present the book Respect for Human Rights in Spain: A Critical Analysis from an International Law Perspective, published by the Generalitat de Catalunya, at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York (CUNY)

The book offers a multidimensional view of the legal mechanisms for safeguarding human rights on a universal scale, with special emphasis on the Spanish State’s failure to comply with international human rights treaties it has ratified.

The presentation event in New York provided an assessment of the level of respect and guarantee of basic human rights in Spain, as recognised internationally. This includes rights such as the prohibition of torture, freedom of expression, freedom of association, peaceful assembly, as well as other rights related to discrimination, linguistic rights, housing rights, and the rights of migrants.

Through this collective work, published in Catalan, Spanish, and English, with a French version set to be published soon, deficiencies and non-compliances by the Spanish State in terms of human rights have been academically exposed. These are compared with the obligations established by international treaties signed by Spain since the democratic transition. The work is structured in three parts: a review of the international human rights protection system, a detailed analysis of specific rights and prohibitions, and a final assessment that concludes that the Spanish State does not adequately meet its international obligations regarding human rights protection.

The event held at the City University of New York (CUNY) confirms the quality and rigour of the publication and the international academic interest in its contents.

Respect for Human Rights in Spain: A Critical Analysis from an International Law Perspective is the first title of theTransformem collection (democratic pillar) and can be purchased from the online bookstore and the Network of Accredited Bookstores of the Generalitat de Catalunya.