1. One in four of the total attendees at the congress visited the Generalitat de Catalunya spaces at the MWC and 4YFN, which hosted nearly 25,000 unique visitors
  2. The 107 companies, entities, and start-ups participating in the Catalan Government’s spaces at the MWC and 4YFN expect to generate a business volume of €18.4 million, 22% more than in the previous edition
  3. According to the Secretary for Digital Policy, Gina Tost i Faus, “these record figures demonstrate that Catalonia, more than simply hosting the world’s most important technological and business event for four days, is an active part of it and has a lot to say”

The 107 Catalan companies, technology centres, organisations, and start-ups that participated in the MWC and 4YFN through the spaces provided by the Government of Catalonia expect to generate €18.4 million in turnover over the next 12 months thanks to the meetings and visits held during the congress, according to data from the Ministry of Business and Labour.

This was announced today by the Catalan Government, which described MWC 2024 as the year in which the event really consolidated itself and as “an absolute record edition in terms of Catalan participation”.

Tost revealed that 12% of these one hundred or so Catalan companies already closed some agreements during the congress, although these figures are not final because companies may finalise new agreements in the coming months. During the four days of the event, these companies held almost 3,200 meetings and visits, 44% of which were with international professionals.

According to Tost, “of the 360 Catalan companies that participated in the MWC, more than a hundred of them did so with the support of the Catalan Government, and they anticipate a turnover from this participation in the congress that is 22% higher than the previous edition”. The Catalan technological and digital ecosystem doesn’t just attend the MWC to discover the latest developments in the sector. It is also an active and prominent part of it”, added Secretary Tost. “Just yesterday, Qilimanjaro, a leading company in the field of quantum computing which is 100% Catalan with clients worldwide, won the award for the best start-up at 4YFN”.

The Secretary also emphasised the fact that “one out of every four visitors to the MWC visited the two spaces of the Government of Catalonia at the event, a figure never reached before”. In total, almost 25,000 people visited the Government of Catalonia’s pavilions at the MWC and 4YFN.

The Catalan Government highlighted that “26% of the total number of visitors to the congress this year were women, a figure that can be improved but one that is higher than in previous years, which shows that there is a willingness to make it grow further”. In this sense, she stressed that “this year, the Catalan Government undertook a significant commitment to promoting the participation of female digital talent, especially entrepreneurs and those in managerial positions, at this event”.

Catalan presence at the MWC

The Ministry of Business and Labour, through the Secretariat for Digital Policy and ACCIÓ, facilitated the presence of 107 companies, technology centres, entities, and start-ups at the congress this year – a 2% increase from last year – with the aim of finding investors, reaching out to partners and new clients, enhancing their visibility and opening up new international markets. Specifically, 45 companies were hosted at the Generalitat’s pavilion at the MWC, which also housed the Digital Catalonia Alliance, and 61 at the 4YFN pavilion.



La secetària Tost ha fet balanç del MWC d'enguany

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