The President and the Mayor of Talamanca during the commemorative service

President Mas: "In that which depends on me, there is only one plan, to vote"

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President Mas: "In that which depends on me, there is only one plan, to vote"

  • The Chief Executive presided over the commemoration of the Battle of Talamanca which celebrates its Tercentenary this year
  • Artur Mas reaffirmed his position to carry out the consultation on the 9th of November and reassured that all parties in favour of the right to self-determination will be consulted on in the taking of important decisions
The President and the Mayor of Talamanca during the commemorative service
The President and the Mayor of Talamanca during the commemorative service
This morning in Talamanca (Bages county), the president of the Government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, reiterated his message regarding the consultation, declaring “in that which depends on me, there is only one plan, to vote” and when important decision are to be made “all parties in favour of the consultation will be taken into account and consulted on” in order for the country’s decision to be “the product of a vast majority and not only of a few”.

These declarations were made by the President in an act commemorating the Tercentenary of the Battle of Talamanca, the last victory in the War of Succession by the Catalan army.

Artur Mas assured that in the coming weeks the Parliament of Catalonia will pass a law on popular consultations and stated that “as President of the Government of Catalonia, in accordance with this law, I will call for the consultation to take place on the ninth of November”. In this regard the chief executive called for “the greatest possible joint effort” and not to speculate how others may react.     

After paying his respects at the Castle of Talamanca to those who fought for Catalonia’s liberties, the President went on to stress how important it was that everyone, whether in or outside of Catalonia, remember that “in 1714, as with other periods in history, the people of Catalonia wanted to govern themselves". A way of thinking which, as President Mas mentioned, "is the red thread present from the very beginning of the Catalan nation until now".
Mas explained that the difference between the Catalonia of three hundred years ago and the one of today is that the Catalan population is much more heterogeneous and diverse than it was three hundred years ago. Also, the circumstances are different than before, belonging to the European Union, for one. However, despite these changes “today, as it did back then, the Catalan population remains determined to govern itself”. “And as soon as those at a few hundred kilometres west of here understand that this is the will of the people and not an obsession of only a few, then it might be possible they change their current outlook on the matter” revealed the President.
The Chief Executive noted that one of the lessons to learn from the Battle of Talamanca is that “we must never underestimate or belittle the strength of our opponents", because, he continued, “they are strong and great”. “We must be aware of this strength and act in consequence to the opposition, by which I mean acting with courage and intelligence, both at the same time”, Mas added.

It is not about urging others; it is about everyone united together in hopes of reaching one clear objective: freedom” President Mas maintained.
In this regard, the Chief Executive issued a message to all Catalans, but especially to those uncertain of the developments the country is undergoing, assuring that “having reached this juncture, to not fight is to lose”. “If we fight we can either win or lose, but if we do not fight, we have already lost” affirmed the President.
To face the times the country is going through, the President highlighted the three main strengths Catalonia has: “a social majority a political consensus and our way of doing things; positively, with a constructive approach and in a radically peaceful manner”.
"If partisan interests weakens the political consensus, the political process of Catalonia will also weaken and, therefore, the country will weaken. This is something that everyone should have in mind, because during exceptional times in history, attitudes must also be exceptional", Mas declared regarding the approach political parties should have.
In concluding his speech, the Chief Executive stressed that the success of the Catalan political process depends primarily on "the efforts of each citizen of Catalonia, who, at these critical times, has become the key actor in the history of our country". The effort and labour of each person, Mas assured, "will bring about the country’s freedom and, above all, will make for a better Catalonia”.