Joana Ortega
Vice-President Joana Ortega after the approval of the Law on Consultations
The Vice-President of the Catalan Government, Joana Ortega, qualified the new Law on Consultations, as approved by the Parliament on September 19th and “within the legal framework, so that the President can announce the popular consultation on November 9th”. In this regard, the Vice-President reminded the Spanish Government that “democracy is strengthened with more democracy”. The Parliament of Catalonia passed the Law on Consultations with 106 votes in favour and only 28 against it.
According the Vice-President Ortega, the new law on consultations “is completely constitutional” because it implies “the development of our Statute through an exclusive right which we have and want to exercise” and is also one of the five legal alternatives which allow for the consultation on the political future of Catalonia to happen in a completely lawful manner. Furthermore, the passing and the development of this law is mandate and assumed by the Government of Catalonia in accordance with the political powers in favour of the right to self-determination.
Subsequently, in her intervention after the vote took place, Ortega expressed her satisfaction with the Government for the resulting vote, with the official passing of the Law on Non-referenda Consultations and Citizen Participation. On the one hand, “for the ample support this Law has had, approximately an 80%” and on the other, the fact that “all the parliamentary groups have worked with the will and determination to reach an accord, with consent, dialogue and the absolute rigour for this law to become a reality”.