• The Chief Executive presided over Moventia’s 90th anniversary ceremony
Moventia's 90th anniversary
Artur Mas alongside current president and the honorary president of the Moventia Group
This evening the President of the Government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, assured being “convinced” that “with good people who are committed to the country, we must be capable of lifting Catalonia, both economically and socially and, above all, hold it together politically.
The Chief Executive highlighted that if Catalonia was capable of lifting itself up in “the autarkic conditions of a closed off Spain with so much against us”, in the current circumstances “we have much more of an obligation to lift [Catalonia] up and do things well”.
Artur Mas expressed this message from Sabadell (Barcelona), where he presided over the 90th anniversary celebration of the transportation company Moventia. The President also noted that the country is what it is today, in part, thanks to the “entrepreneurial tradition and the fact that many individuals have been able to lift themselves up after a fall”. “The industrial captains, those who have attained company leadership, are those who have placed our economic weight where it is now” assured the President, adding that trajectories like the one of Moventia, is the proof of this.
“A company born in 1923 which still endures today has had to lift itself up many times” highlighted the President in praise of the company’s nine decades of existence, emphasizing that “where Moventia goes, we know things well be done well”. “Thank you, because along with many other companies, you are contributing to our country’s economy and to its positive note”, Mas announced during the ceremony.
The companies that make up Moventia transport over 90 million passengers a year and distribute nearly 15,000 vehicles annually (conventional and industrial), both new and used. To do this, the group’s structure is composed of more than 2,100 employees.
The ceremony was also attended by the Minister of Business and Labour, Felip Puig; the Minister of Territory and Sustainability, Santi Vila; and the Mayor of Sabadell, Joan Carles Sánchez. Also assisting the event were the current president of Moventia, Miquel Martí Escursell and the honorary president of the group, Miquel Martí Carceller, among other authorities.