Minister Felip Puig
Minister Puig in Milan signing the entry of Catalonia to the Vanguard Initiative
Yesterday morning, the Minister of Business and Labour, Felip Puig, signed Catalonia’s entry to the Vanguard Initiative, an initiative driven by 21 European regions with the objective to develop advanced manufacturing in Europe through interregional cooperation.  Through this agreement, Puig formally put forward the nation’s commitment before high representatives of the European Union and more than 20 regional ministers and presidents to continue advancements in industrialization.
The Minister assured that “to be present here today in Milan, signing the Vanguard Initiative among the most dynamic European regions, is proof that Catalonia is at the forefront of Europe’s industrialization”. According to Puig, Catalonia’s entry to this platform means that “States are not necessary to carry out the industrial policies our economies need” and that Catalonia “is increasingly industrialized and more in touch with the most advanced regions in Europe”, affirmed the Minister.
Felip Puig underlined that economic recovery in Catalonia “involves the re-industrialization and the prioritisation of advanced industry which is technologically adapted to the global changes”. In fact, the commitment to this initiative supposes another step forward by the Government in Catalonia’s Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3CAT), which is specified in Catalonia’s new Industrial Strategy.
Furthermore, Catalonia is part of the Vanguard Initiative cooperation team and has already put forward three pilot projects. Among these initiatives lead by Catalonia is the “Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing, ESM” initiative.
Together with the region of Lombardia, the aim of this initiative is to improve energy efficiency in European factories by reducing energy consumption, increasing the use of renewable energy and improving the quality of production.  The project will be developed through technological centres in Catalonia and its participation will be open to Catalan businesses.
Among the members of this initiative are the regions of Asturias, Navarre, Baden-Württemberg, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Lombardia, Lesser Poland, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, North Rhine-Westphalia, the Norte Region of Portugal, Upper Austria, Dalarna, Skåne County, Rhône-Alpes, Scotland, Silesia, Tampere, Flanders, Wallonia and two regions in the Netherlands.



Vanguard Initiative signature

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Vanguard Initiaitive meeting in Milan

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