Declaration by President Mas on Croatia's accession to the EU
Today, July 1st 2013, Croatia becomes the 28th Member State of the European Union (EU).
From Catalonia, we welcome the people of Croatia to the European project. We wish for this date to be significant for the welfare, stability, security and prosperity of the approximately four and a half million Croatian citizens.
Each time new states commit to the European project we all strengthen the process to build the peace and prosperity of our peoples. These peoples bring their own cultures, languages and history, as would be the case of Catalonia, too.
Each enlargement, each new EU Member State is an opportunity to revisit the origins of the European Union and to reaffirm the basic values which characterise the EU.
These values were decisive in order that Croatia publicly expressed its will to join the EU immediately after the international recognition of the country.
Catalonia has always been committed to a deeper political and economic integration of Europe. It is in favour of the enlargement of the EU borders, also towards smaller nations. That is why we specially congratulate Croatia on having joined the great European family.  
Croatia and Catalonia are both Mediterranean countries and, therefore, have the opportunity to work together more closely in projects of common interest. As an example, the Government of Catalonia promotes a business mission to Croatia which will take place in the upcoming months.  
Please accept my most sincere congratulations on wanting to join the common European project.
Barcelona, July 1st 2013